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2008-04-26 10:28:21 by MartinShos

New stuff coming soon!


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2008-05-25 20:49:14

Hey thanks for the fav! I really appreciate it :)

MartinShos responds:

No problem man, keep up the great work


2008-06-04 18:34:26

Damn I just heard about your friend, I'm sorry for your loss.

I know how it feels to lose a friend in real life and online. I'm gonna tell you a little story since you probably never heard of it since you signed up in 2007 and this happened in 2004. There was a guy named Livecorpse on Newgrounds (his real name was Adam Fulton) and I was pretty cool with him. He inspired me because he said my work was quite good as far as sprites go. And that was a big compliment considering he hated sprite movies. Also he gave me advice to just ignore the assholes who review low on my movies since they have nothing better to do than harass flash authors. You can see his posts in this topic... 17758/3

He really did inspire me because he had a lot more movies than me and he got a lot more hateful reviews. So we talked once in a while and I remember reviewing one of his movies saying that I was looking forward to his next movie and then he told me that he wanted a new mic but it wasn't a wise investment at the moment (I guess because all of the problems he was having). I wrote that review on May 26, 2004 (4 years ago) and it's kind of sad because he ended up dying 2 weeks later on June 11th, 2004. It was really a sad story. And to this day, I still think about it. What if he didn't die? What if he was still here? He would most likely have become one of the most popular animators on the site. You can read the whole story about his death here... 39349

Also one of my friend's brother was shot down and killed by the 18th street gang. I went to the funeral and it was really fuckin' sad. Seeing his mother cry and scream over her dead son is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. It just goes to show that life is too short and that no one is promised tomorrow. So life your life to the fullest and keep chasing your dreams because you never know when your time will come.

(Updated ) MartinShos responds:

Wow, thats proof how life can go wrong in just a few moments...

Thanks for the link!


2008-10-08 20:20:10

Kinda Like Your Demos hope your next song is a demo
Let Me Know when is gonna come out k


2008-10-20 14:03:29

I wanna hear some exclusive stuff from you.